Many Small Cities Are Offering Tech Employment Opportunities For People

When it comes to employment, many people like to work in the tech field because it’s that sector which offers the right amount of money for the work. There is a misconception among techies that they have to be in metropolitan cities to get a well-paying job. However, recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a different picture. It shows that small towns are offering good pay in the tech employment sector, and many are not observing it.

The report shows that wages in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have increased by two times in the last few years. The median pay which people working in STEM jobs get was increased by 2.1% to 84880 in 2018, and the same thing happened in 2017. So people who are working in each and related fields are getting paid more than anyone else. However, the exciting thing this report shows is that people are earning more money by living in small cities.

Those people who are working in The Dover, New Hampshire-Durham, Maine, metro area received more than $93000 last year. The employment in the above-mentioned area increased by more than 30 percent means people are getting more tech field related jobs at small cities. Employment had been the least problems for people who are working in the tech field, and it was more about the pay. Those people who are living in big cities might be earning more money, but their spending is also the same. In such a way, they are spending more than what they are making. Metro areas of Danbury, Connecticut, Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Bend-Redmond, Oregon are those places where more than 4000 techies are working. People are living and enjoying their life in small cities by receiving decent pay.