Which smartphone stands out the best in camera quality?

Standing today, the first thing which we see while buying a smartphone is its camera quality. For some people, the camera might not be the priority, but yes, it stands in the priority list. DSLR or compact shooter or a mirrorless camera is there with many people nowadays, but they all come with a specific learning curve. It is said that the best camera is the one that is in your pocket and for this you need a smartphone with the best camera quality. The latest flagship smartphones by Apple, Google, and Samsung are quite identical. All of them have high megapixels, examining its sensor, and breaking down lens size for aperture. In 2019, Apple, Google, and Samsung all presented their smartphones with new lenses. They have made a lot of improvements too.

The best flagship smartphones by Google, Samsung, and Apple, were the iPhone 11 Pro, the Pixel 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S10. Here goes how they performed while taking some of the most popular types of photos. Specifically, this means portrait, low-light, wide-angle, zoom, and selfie photos. As already mentioned, 2019 has been “the year of extra lens” when it comes to smartphone cameras. Samsung and Apple both gave their flagship models a third, wide-angle lens.

On the other hand, Google opted to present its new Pixel, a dual-camera system (a first) with a telephoto lens. Photos were taken in all the smartphones at the same place with the least of the effects. The meter was tapped, zoomed-in when the test required it, and then the shutter button was tapped.

In portrait mode, the iPhone 11 pro stands out the best. Samsung S10+ and Pixel 4 have also given great results but not compared to the iPhone 11 pro. In low light, Google Pixel 4 provides a sharper image than the rest of the two. Thus Google Pixel 4 stands as the winner. In the wide-angle, both iPhone 11 pro and Samsung S10+ give the same result with iPhone being a bit sharper. In zoom and selfies, Google pixel 4 did the best.