The following document shows the Privacy Policy that is followed by The policies are applicable tomotorexpo and the services provided by the website. It is not applicable to the services or websites that have been linked to from Visitors of the website are requested to refer to this document for knowing how data is being collected, utilized and shared by

Collection of Personal Identification Data

When a user engages in certain activities of the website, personal identification data may be collected from them. However, this data is collected only with the complete consent from the user. That is, the user will be made aware that their data is being collected by the website and for which it would be used. For instance, a comment on the news articles requires details such as the name of the person and the email address. Users have the complete right not to provide this information, but doing so may result in the inability to perform a particular activity — posting a comment or subscribing to the newsletter, for instance.

Collection of Non-Personal Identification Data

This type of data is collected with the partial consent of the user. It’s because data collection happens as a person starts visiting the website. When a user visits the website, basic details such as the IP address of the person, ISP the person is using, the exact time-stamp of the session and the details of the device from which the website is accessed. This data will be solely used for analytics purposes and may be shared with some of the trusted third-parties. The information is used to enhance the user experience based on demographics and other big data analytics.

Automated Data Logging, like every other website on the internet, keeps a log of the visits and time-stamps. In order to identify the most basic things, IP address of the device from which request is given will be recorded. While it is given the most trusted form of security,motorexpo may be forced to share the information with law-enforcement authorities when asked with proper reason.

Use of Cookies

Althoughmotorexpo makes use of web cookie technology for enriching the user experience, we have a clear ethical background for doing so.motorexpo makes sure that it does not use — or allow the use of — web cookies for stealing information or tracking our customers for advertising. That having said, our advertising network may have another cookie policy. acknowledges that the information given below is 100% true to our knowledge and that the site functions accordingly. That having said, gradual changes may be made in the privacy policy, most of which are notified as well.