Experts Predicting Trade Deal Might Not Happen In 2019

When it comes to US-China trade war everyone expecting only one thing out of it, and that’s trade deal. However, even after having more than two times meeting between both countries officials, nothing positive came out of it. Now experts have predicted when the trade deal might be happening, and there is a piece of bad news for everyone. Experts have said there is not going to be any trade agreement between US-China by the end of 2019.

Recently China decided to put a tax on US goods worth $75 billion when Trump a few days decided to raise further taxes on Chinese goods worth $300 billion. After this recent trade attack on American products, White House trade adviser said that this move is not going to impact that much on the US economy. Since the country’s economy is worth more than $30  trillion and putting a tax on goods worth $75 billion is relatively too small. However, experts tend to differ here, and they think this move of China shows how aggressive trade war getting every day.

President Trump recently said that US companies should start to find alternative countries and try to abandon significant business operations with China. After such type of hate comments and emissions to put a hefty amount of taxes on Chinese goods, it shows the trade deal is not going to happen soon. Many advisers predicted that there would be a trade deal between US-China before 2020 elections. However, the majority of them now the d to differ with their opinion after Trump’s recent actions. Donald Trump seemed to be careless about his actions impacting on upcoming elections. He has been saying that the country’s economy is doing fine even in such cases. The Feds might be doing more cut rates, and there’s complete uncertainty when a trade deal between these two giant nations is going to happen.