Verizon Unveils Stream TV Its Android Set-Top Box

With time, more companies are getting into the content streaming section. The latest to hop on the streaming bandwagon is primary US cellular carrier Verizon wireless. It has launched its set-top box, which is powered by Android TV. Called the Verizon Stream TV, it is now available at the company site. The Verizon Stream TV runs a specific Android TV platform, and that means the buyers can access a wide range of games and apps. The Stream TV device by Verizon will be free for the customers using the company’s 5G home internet service. It will also contain a one-month complimentary service of YouTube TV.

The manufacturer has not revealed through the device has a signature Verizon logo at the top. It resembles the Xiaomi Mi box in looks, and the company is yet to unveil detailed specs on the device. The black square device has a power indicator at the front side along with two ports-one Ethernet and one 4k HDMI. Of course, Verizon has made some UI customizations as it does with the android devices released by it. The device has embedded Google Assistant functionality, and the remote has a dedicated button for activating it anytime. The device will cost $69.99 for those who will not use the company’s FiOS subscription service.

The Stream TV enters a fast expanding but already crowded market, and it will face steep competition, think the experts. It is too early to predict how the Verizon Stream TV will cope with famous rivals like Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV. It still does not support Netflix, which may go against it-given the massive popularity for the service. Verizon is yet to say why the device would not support Netflix. It could be owing to a hardware or software issue. However, the redeeming thing is it comes preloaded with Disney +. It will face steep competition from rivals like the Roku Premiere, which is priced lower and supports HDR and 4K.